MUV? Multi-User Virtual Environment. Multi-what? Virtual stuff… Oh. Probably one of the most fascinating topics in the current time. Virtual Reality.

What is a virtual world?

Think our world, but with the ability to do anything, be anything, and create anything! Our class MUV601 focuses on the virtual world called Second Life. Like all realities, Second Life has its fair share of the dark side in the virtual world. However, Second Life is also filled with amazing creations ranging from guitars and music, to full theme parks and amazing architecture.

What is interesting to me about virtual worlds?

Virtual worlds allow humans to do things that they can’t in the real life. Virtual worlds allow humans to do things they would never be able to experience in the real life. Say in the instance of a person with paralysis in the real world. They could walk, run, anything they couldn’t physically do in the current reality. Or say for example when talking in the field of medical, in a virtual world students could be taught with repeatable experiments and practice scenarios with life like interactions.

How important do I think virtual worlds are now?

Now? I would say they are good to a degree. Situations will arise that result in a terrible outcome, but like all amazing creations virtual reality will come at a cost. Will it be kids losing their social capabilities, or will it cause health issues? The possibilities and probabilities are endless… No one can say for sure. The reason I agree to a degree, is because I think we need our future generations to want to create and play, not just play.

How important do I think virtual worlds will be in 5 – 10 years?

I wonder how a person who was asked this question about computers back in the 70’s or 80’s would respond… To be honest, I can 100% guarantee that no one on this earth can predict what will happen in the next 5-10 years, especially on the topic of virtual reality. My belief is that virtual worlds will become more important the more advanced artificial intelligence gets. I say this because artificial intelligence could eventually utilize these virtual worlds to simulate or experiment, without having an affect on the real world. Its only a matter of time.



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